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Patient Reviews for Dr. Joseph Silberman

Hello, I’m Evanston dentist Dr. Joe Silberman, and I’d like to welcome you to
my practice.

Congratulations! You’re investigating dentists online, and that’s the first step toward a lifetime of good dental health. Some people can be embarrassed or hesitant about seeing a new dentist—especially if it’s been a
while since their last visit. We're sensitive to that at Evanston Dental Associates.

I don’t lecture my patients about what they have or haven't done. Instead, we look ahead together, talk about goals and dreams, and plan how to make those dreams reality. The result is an individualized approach for every patient.

I’ve been practicing for over 28 years, over 21 of them as an Evanston dentist, and I’m passionate about what I do. My staff is skilled and caring. We’d love to partner with you—as we do with all of our patients—to keep your smile bright and attractive and your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.



I'm one of the biggest fans of this Evanston dentist. Dr. Silberman exceeded my expectations. He’s skilled, technical, and up to date—a guy with unbelievably high standards. —Anne D., patient for 16 years